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he town of Lule? is situated on a peninsula where Lule Bay meets the Gulf of Bothnia; the bay stretches northwest and becomes the Lule River, allowing sea-based transportation across the county. The town's location on the peninsula of Svart?staden required expansion, and therefor much of its ground area of 2110 square kilometres is human-made. Lule? also has urban areas built on the island of Herts?n which, thanks to Lule?'s location, is Sweden's 7th most populated.The harbour of Lule? ? Sweden's fifth-largest transporting over 7 million tons of cargo each year ? is of particular significance for iron ore from LKAB's mining in Kiruna and G?llivare/Malmberget. During the winter, sea traffic continues at a virtually unchanged rate with the assistance of icebreakers; Lule? is the home port of the Swedish icebreaker armada.

Lule?'s commerce and industry is a mix of industry, research, education, trade, and services. The university's educational programmes have attracted new businesses as well as local offices for multinational corporations.[citation needed]Major employers in the city are the SSAB steelworks and Lule? University of Technology. A Swedish Air Force wing, F 21 (or Norrbotten Air Force Wing), are stationed near Lule? at the neighbouring Lule? Airport. Other major employers include Ferruform (a subsidiary of Scania AB) and Gestamp HardTech (overtaken from SSAB 2005-01-01).Lule? has subarctic climate with short cool summers and long cold and snowy winters. Despite its extremely northern latitude, the climate is relatively mild compared to other places at similar latitude because of the Gulf Stream.


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